"Nice team-work, it has pure talent written all over it the way the beats and rhythms compliments the vocals too, it's so good I'm going to create a reggae playlist for it right now just so I can place it at the top. Love the close and hypnotic whispery well-performed vocals and the vibe is cool too, there is a good energy in the vocals and they work well with the drums"

"Overall, it's a very well written song with a great vibe that's easy to listen to, respect to the amazing vocals and emotion you've captured and the plaufyl mood you've created. Nice voice, style of vocal presence, fabulous song and soft instrumentation from here there's not much to improve on really"

"This song a song that's too easy to fall in love with the way it takes you on a melodic journey filled with spacious sounds and a warm soothing atmosphere with very evocative deeply meaningful and interesting lyrics. It leaves you with a poignant and deeply reflective lasting impression and tells a very well written story about some of life's experiences!"| Groover Curators



"Congrats, I've never heard a sound like this before, it is a like a fusion of R&B and reggae, very affable and the ending is incredible" | Chill&Out "It's like the intensity of the music and voice is a trip, love it!" | Chavo Ruiz "Amazing melody and performance!" | HUB UK "Cool!" | Nam Radio "Love the dreamy atmosphere" | DJ MAKEN "Vamos tocar essa gostoso cancion cacao!" | Radio Miss Pepper

"Interesting voice to hear be used for regae could be cool to hear an electro mix, love the dreamy relaxing vibe and immersive energy, mix, awesome work; a bit too jazzy and acoustic for me but I'm digging the smooth ambient vibes and really amazingly strong on-beat vocal performance with the soft and sweet tones, it's very impressive and unique"| Groover Curators 

"Votre travail est très étonnant, je suis totalement conquis par ce mélange des genres, qui me rappelle la vague "vapor dub". C'est très surprenant de voir une artiste plutôt pop/folk intégrer aussi harmonieusement le rythme reggae dans un beat" | Crucial Reggae Time "

"Great start to the week, great rhythms and vibe! God bless you!" | Rafael Starcevic

"The mood you've created with this song is fantastic, the vocals are perfect and your voice and style is powerful and unique, congrats on the impeccable work, an excellent new generation artist with lots of potential!" | Koala Mix

"I really like this song, the way the beat is full of energy and it's dope. You nailed it with the beat and energy, can't wait to hear more" | Illegal Surprise

"I appreciate your talent as well as the authentic groovy reggae vibe, with the rhythm and energy! It suits the genre perfectly" | Drickset Sound 

"Beautifully done! Let's get this out to more ears" | Buzz Slayers "Good and exciting! Love how it blends folk with a bit of reggae-dub! A mind trip and must-hear song" | En Tijuana Hay Rock

"I completely lost myself in the moment and got captivated by the drama and the way the top-notch sensual vocals created a sense of tension and emotion was great, amazing energy work, nice timbre sound texture and feeling, beautiful on point performance and soulful charming jazzy mood, composition, made me feel like I was just floating there for some little time, great acoustic blues atmosphere and very well-written story, enjoyed!"| Groover Curators


ReverbNation | Crowdreviewed

"I really like the smooth, calm, relaxing and hypnotizingly breathless singing style as well as the solid instrumentation" | Reverbnation

"The beautiful voice and tone of the vocals truly demonstrate the artist's mysteriously unique talent" | Reverbnation

"I really liked the sultry singing voice, it took me away to a different place and time" | Reverbnation

"Nice bluesy and jazzy bedroom ballad I like the vibe"| H-Music

"A very cool, soulful, raw authentic intriguingly haunting sound" | Reverbnation

"Wow love the audacious rhythm, striking voice, very personal and genuine delicious music to relax to and the lyrics are sensational too" | Groover Curators

"Great instrumentation, dreamy, soothing, nice relaxing vibe, peaceful soundscapes, overall a very interesting unique and interesting song to listent to, very catchy, great melody and production, overall it is really well crafted and beautifully done" | Groover Curators



"Wow nostalgic vibes like Lana or Billie I wanna cry" | Rock Cabeaça "Good music" | Heatwave "Cette douce voix s'accorde parfairement avec l'instrumentale" | Infinity Radio "It's always a pleasure to hear great quality music" | Supersônica "Excellent, bravo!" | Radio Saint-Dié

"An amazing song all that needs to be said" | Radio Free 99 "I loved. It has airs of trip hop and jazz, and your voice whispering in song gives it a special touch" | Bandas Desconocidas

"Aime beaucoup" | Limoubluez Radio "Wowowow, delicatezza pazzesca, una voce straordinaria, da brividi, mix, produzione e master perfetti, un brano da sogno e ti fa viaggiare nell'immensità, ottimo lavoro" | Independent Radio "Enjoyed the vibe and mood" | Indie Vibin'

"Una voz angelical, dulce, calida, sentimental, perfecta" | Radio Click Digital "Très beau" | Le Cargo "Loved the haunting, ambient atmosphere" | Duncan Holtzhall

"Nous avons retenu ce morceau pour une diffusion le mois prochain sur notre radio car il a reçu une majorite é d’avis positifs. Perso, je trouve que c'est très bel onjet, qui est certes très calme, c'est éthéré, doux et murmuré. J'ai été sensible à ce morceau qui est toit en retenue et crée en ambiance, très plaisant" | Radio Active 100 FM

"A really lovely song" | Minuto Indie "It is in the global slot" | Scanner FM "Loved its softness"| Heitmusic "This is very soothing and gentle listening to, smooth relaxing vocals and music that highlights the voice and shows how talented the artist truly is" | Power Ace Radio 

"Beautiful peaceful voice" | DEALER "I am known for not holding back my honesty calling sh** for sh** if I think that is what it is, but this is really good loved the melody" | Radio Studio 1 



"The producer's modern take on bohemian flair is a breath of fresh air, and the organic quality exhibits the teamwork's natural teamwork and talent" | FLEX 

"Interesting calming style and music, loved the eerie percussion and fun feeling as well" | Reverbnation


"Good and entertaining, very easy-listenable" | Reverbnation

"I loved the mellow feeling and interesting whispering distinctive singing style accompanied by the light instrumentation and music" | Reverbnation

"It's always nice to hear a real artist explore more than just one genre" | Reverbnation


Submithut | Charted

"Good and clean track with a smooth mix, nice melody and jazzy original progression and sound" 

"Mucha profundidad y suavidad, muy elegante"

"Cool dreamy vibe and atmosphere with fascinating haunting vocals"

"Una cancion muy enigmatica, extraño y tres original"

"Interesting song to listen to, bonita voz, good production and dynamics I like how the intensity slowly grows"



"What a pleasant surprise! This mix of dub, jazz and pop is very organic, which is rare today where everything seems to be a copy of something. Love the intimate, whispering vocals. They totally match the music atmosphere as a whole. Everything sounds in its right place" | Leonardo Rodrigues  

"Cool, nice song with a good voice and vibe" | Jon Magnussen "Really loved it, congrats!" | Sidney Braga

"Wow, you are very talented. Your voice is relaxed and powerful at the same time. That smooth vocals and the instruments are on point" | Entrecooltura "Loved the vibe, powerful voice the way it carries the listener through the entire sound with eyes closed, great song, congrats" | A Playlist De Hoje



Curators and pros |Groover



"Beautiful vibe, love the fusing reggae jazz bass accompanied by the amazing voice"

"Love the energy and professional instrumentation in the arrangement, sweet voice" 

"Cool reggae vibes and unique style" 

"Fantastic song a pleasure to listen to, great surprise!"

"Groovy bobby track! I would love to hear more interpretations and versions be done with it!"



"A total escape from reality, with silky smooth vocals" | #BeyondTheBridge on Raw Radio

"Sweet acid blues-jazz, sounding like the night, this is pure noir, it could be definitely in the soundtrack of great movies, like Million Dollar Hotel"

A brilliant sound. The vocal performance is elegant, bringing a lot of emotion to the lyrics" | Eduardo Pastore

"Calm and groovy song delivered with a really nice and soft voice" | iNext Radio

"Love the unique chill smoky mellow noir-esque atmosphere and awesome dreamy skilfuly smooth enchanting vocal performance"  | Groover



"Nice style. I dig the old school vibe, slow moving bass, soothing slow rolling over piano notes and solid jazzy vocals, gives the song a unique sound" | Reverbnation

"The artist is profoundly gifted with her ability to strip away any worry, stress and anxiety" | Reverbnation

"Magnificent acoustic-jazz release featuring soulful vocals, engaging progressions and a warm production" | FV MuiscBlog "OMG! congrats it's amazing!" | Guzz Indigo

"I feel like I'm listening to some kind of organic trip-hop cold jazz from the basement. Very impressive" | Class Of Sounds



"This song sounds like a transmission through time, like a message received in a dream. April’s whispered tones set us outside the confines of reality for 1:10 minutes" | The Static Dive


"Intriguing, moody and ethereal finally something one of a kind!" | Reverbnation


"Soulful, earthy, smoky, easy-listenable, smooth and very appealing" | Reverbnation


"Breathless female sounding vocalist with a very real, hypnotic cool voice" |  Reverbnation

"It's a truly lovely piano and melody that creates a very soothing atmosphere, very promising, amazing voice and vibe, I like it, interesting project and great production, this is cool, very beautiful, really beautiful sound of piano and the melodies with the simple and serene beautiful tones. It is clear you have a lot of talent and the song is really good. The laid back beat creates a nice relaxing atmosphere and chill journey with the undeniably effertless vocals"

"I enjoyed the nostalgic piano melodies, the heartfelt lyrics and relaxing mood. A lovely and sensitive track with a nice vibe. Love the melody and performance. What a lovely song, your voice is so sweet, deep, and delicate love it, the whole song and production I hope to hear more soon"

"Sounds awesome, love the sweet warm and intimate timbre and mellow flow. I like the fusion feeling, a bold track and stunning soft vocal performance the way it touches the heart strings, very decent songwriting with a good promising delivery and a charming heartfelt quality"

"It's a bit too acoustic for me but the soulful composition is beautiful with the melodic soft peaceful atmosphere you've created around it and the emotional serenity brings me a sense of calmth and grace. From the beginning I started to feel nostalgic and the rhythms kept my attention plus the interpretation of the voice kept catching my attention, a perfect style. You have a great style of singing with feeling and penetration and the track is outstanding, certainly spectacular"| Groover Curators


"Your melody is incredible! and the feeling you transmit through it is something that connects us and brings an amazing relief in an immeasurable way!" | Musicalizar

"Okay this is cool, the heartfelt emotion, good technique and talent wow wow what a beautiful ethereal and cinematic song" | Groover curators

"Top Christian music! A good song" | Silvia musica

"Interesting and unique style that deserves reaching a much larger audience.. I've never heard anything like this before" | Groover curator

"Very powerful vocals, very enjoyable to listen to! Great vocal control"| Chunedesk

"It is with immense pleasure that I share my feelings after listening to the song 'God's Grace'. It is a musical gem that transports the listener to a state of peace and contemplation, thanks for the extraordinarily smooth voice that leads!" | Gpop Tunes

"Merci pour la découverte de votre chanson. Personnellement, j'ai trouvé ce titre très beau, très bien chanté et interprété et j'ai bcp aimé du coup je peux dire que c'est ma tasse de thé!" | PHENYX

"On est très vite sous le charme de cette voix juste et précise, la sobriété du morceau est à souligner dans un univers qui a parfois tendance à vouloir en faire trop; cool song sounds great; the tone is beautiful and the song too, good songwriting"| Groover Curators

"For what it's worth my wife just came in the door while it was playing and blurted out saying 'this is beautiful!' lovely work this ought to be well received by a good jazz radio. Ce morceau piano et voix est beau, la voix est limpide et translucide"| Groover Curators

"I really like the melody it's catchy and tuneful love the soulful warm tone of the singer" | Empire Of Lounge "and the feeling she put into the lyrics, which you can hear very clearly. Good commercial content and high quality performance!"| Dreamy Paradise

"April And The Drift moves naturally without boring the listener with intense dynamics and concreteness that make the sound mature enough to be both noticed and appreciated" | Web Zine



"Great talent, excellent music with a unique identity very valuable listening to carefully" | Indie Emergente

"We like your fragile but very expressive voice and the mood and the composition is also good" | Le village pop

"Obvious talent, very chill and nostalgically groovy, cool vocal work and production, ejoyed the cinematic vibe, choice of textures and performance! Bon quality de mélodie with an interesting, pretty and smooth sound design, vocals and instrumentation. This song sounds amazing! the way the track is carried out is surely remarkable. The vocals are mesmerising calm and softly sounding with the misty vocal lines and ghostly atmosphere. Amazing delicate tender voice and deep skilful music composition, strong work and cool dark pop vibe trending almsot to new modern interesting hip hop" | Groover curators

"Very coherent and good lo-fi, indie feel you get immediately with the instruments you've used, which we don't hear very often. Thank you for transporting us to this musical universe!" | Aaki Records


"Real amazing music, love your beautiful angelic voice, wonderful masterpiece, so sweet, perfect chill, lovely style, pure magic, wow what a gift, outstanding, cool, I want to hear it on the radio, great songs" | Soundcloud

"Wow what a voice, very well produced, very emotive nice song"| Groover curator

"Loved the intimate instrumentals and sweet voice" | Soundcloud

"Haunting melody and atmosphere. Sometimes the beauty of music lies in its ability to capture genuine moments and emotions. Remarkable work"| Groover curator

"Interesting and heartfelt, amazing high quality music"| Groover curator


ReverbNation | Crowdreviewed

"The artist has a way of reaching an entirely clear and different level of beauty, wonder and awe"

"The singer's voice is almost transcendental and completely mesmerizing"

"Real and lovely, nice relaxing music and magnificent style! I would both stream and buy it"

"I loved the slow pace and chill bluesy sound the way it transports you down to a smoky downtown bar in London"

"An intriguingly dreamy dark mysterious vibe with a unique character"

"A lovely soft and calming song with a well crafted harmonization and a peaceful vibration"


Reggae Debut [single] "Let Your Hair Down" ℗ 2021 APRIL AND THE DRIFT